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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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>> okay. good afternoon everybody welcome back from recess for our regularly our special meeting of budget and finance for monday, june 15, 2015 we're going to continue with items three and four with the departmental budget and up next our city attorney's office mr. herrera. >> thank you, chairman el camino real supervisor farrell and supervisor katie tang supervisor yee and supervisor wiener thank you for the opportunity for letting me make the presentation he want to express in my gratitude in trying and sometimes contentious committee i you'd to call it the
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most thank also job in past years in a budget criticized that was stating the obvious but with improved combhifk conditions less objective our greater revenue is by greater obligations i know it comes with greater expectations so may not be as obvious but you have the toughest thank less job i want to discuss my expectations in the city attorney's office first, we're in discussion with the budget analyst and very, very optimistic about our reach resolution this week and i'm very confident we will be back next week saying we've reached an agreement as your lawyer i assume you're aware of the legislation to provide you
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with council to review the contractors shutter bonds and other instruments and recommends supplements to pursue the litigation in favor of the taxpayers if you take that work and multiple it by the departments we serve as clients that's pretty much the job of the discovers city attorney's office we work to insure money for the city on many frongz for instance homeowners in the sfmta for the water main break to avoid largely litigation as part of that we successfully secured a she means to of $11 million from private insures the fill policy limit to help the city and homeowners we work
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to insure immediate retaliate over one million dollars from a bag when an official yes, ma'am bewildered that amount we not only helped the board with origins and challenges we recently beat the national rifle association which requires guns to either be in they're owners possession or a locked probation elaboration lecture the union street supreme court ended their 6 year challenge in san francisco and it is safer because of is it we also won the injunction at city college they gaejtd in illegal practices we secured a court order to protect city college and i wanted to thank
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you. the board of supervisors a litigation as we anxiously another u.s. supreme court one that could violate the the same-sex marriage san francisco could hope to win equality when justice comes it will reflect san francisco's leadership for mayor newsom's bold decision in 2004 to our office legal work over the decades that followed i could go on with a number accomplishments to fight for consumers and workers and renters to defend the integrity i will cut it short. >> thank you for the opportunity to make my office budget presentation i'd like i'd like to say if you look at the numbers our budget for the next two years increases very very
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small more specifically as the budget analyst has made clear a proposed budget for n.y. 2015-2016 is only one percent more than our original fiscal year budget this past year and our fiscal year budget for 2016-2017 is approximately 2 percent more than the mayors proposed budget of 2015-2016 so with relatively small increases in budget we're called upon often to deal with a work load a responsibility we take very, very seriously and look forward to serving you over the course of the next two years i'll be happy to answer any questions and want to reiterate we're in ongoing discussions with the budget and we'll have an agreements by next week. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> thank you mr. chairman and
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mr. herrera thank you for coming i know thank you to you and all both attorney and non-attorney staff for the incredible work you do attire the people of san francisco obtain so many levels and much of it every researching the newspaper but a critical work i know we at the board rely on our office to be able to do the work we do i also want to thank you for the lawsuit you filed last week against one of the worse splairts that purchased 9 buildings and systematically violating the law ♪
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a lot of ways and your office filed a lawsuit i appreciate it coming from a bad situation but continuing off of that in terms of code enforcement the office i everything did a lot of terrific work but in general, i think - i don't think we do enough code enforcement and the city attorney's office is often i've often wait for the departments to refer cases over to you some departments refer cases and other departments heralds every refer them do you have thoughts to improve your code enforcement system i know your work with legislation to empower the city attorney's office >> i mean a matter of administrator law the
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legislation you're working on is extremely helpful i'll say that really thank to you and supervisor farrell lecturer in terms of the providing us additional resources to side code enforcement related work that has helped i know both of you fought very very intellectual to make sure we had additional money to pursue that kind of work that's been helpful anything that streamlines the process that enables us to have no more dick authority perspectively is helpful we welcome so we're committed to work with you cafe whether you or supervisor farrell or any other member of this body 0 sided whatever we can to streamline the process i'll tell you it is kind of in my opinion that when our office does code enforcement oftentimes that's the only interaction that a
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consul member might have with the government of the city and county of san francisco and that work is not only about securing great results by an ambassador for what we do as a city and work with you as district supervisors to help to aid issues and that's kind of the constituents work we do we take that very, very seriously wore committed to work with the perspectively to do what we can. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you. >> how are you. >> thanks for all the work you do for the city especially your work to save city college i'm curious in terms of what you do your office interacts with our offices by preparing legislation and so forth
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through the years i'm curious what percentage of you're either your staff or budget do you allocate towards that. >> doing legislative work for your offices i'll say i don't have an exact number off the top of my head in terms of percentage but i will say it is a very large part of the work we do i i know that all of you have trembling go respirations e relationship with mr. gibner. >> there are various minds times when i think a legislatively various members of the board are more active the fact of the matter is the most important work we do is interacting with you individually as a a body to deal
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with issues that arises in our district and citywide i'll say several years or years ago the budget was different we were to be more efficient and the amount of legislation we are that doing was reduced because it was sort now an allocation of hours based on the - i'll say you are very, very good had we alert you to the fact you prioritize the work we're getting near a cap that's not no our interest to shut you off but forces us to prioritize it makes my lawyers be better lawyers and helps you to prioritize our work and
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prioritize what important in the particular moment i think that makes you will say all more efficient i can't have you specific numbers of the percentage of the overall budget but a significant part of our work and work that comes not only from the government but the land use and the like and very, very significant part of what we do. >> i appreciate that i'm not sure my colleagues some of the colleagues have been here longer than i have what i'm noticing i don't know if it is wore all reaching our capacity in asking for help there recent times when your attorneys are working hard on which means they have to spread themselves around
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when i ask for things that are time sensitive it seems like it doesn't come maybe you need more capacity. >> no supervisor i'll say that right now we are at the appropriate staffing level with respect to attorneys for our number of paralyzed positions that's part of an efficient manager to make sure you're getting things in a positive way staff is spread thin sometimes i view that as my job if you don't think they're getting time - i'll encourage you to let me know we allocate and adjust according i'll give an explanation if there's are
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there's a time constraint i've had supervisors call me as a manager it is my job to service you i ask you to call necessary directly and we'll try our best to respond. >> colleagues if no other questions mr. rose our report please. mr. chairman and members of the committee first of all, the city attorney said hits budget is only going up one percent but for your information on the general fund side 23 percent you know that as well our recognized on the page of recollected rescues are 6 hundred accomplice thousand dollars and 2016 and of that amount 2 hundred and 31 are
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ongoing savings and one time savings those reductions are an in there or two 10th of a percent in the 2015-2016 our recommended reductions in 2016-2017 and of that amount our ongoing savings those will allow an increase of 1.8 percent and the city attorney is right we'll have a green recommendation next week week. >> colleagues, any further conversation and see you back next monday up next, we have ms. sparks from the human right
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commission. >> good afternoon, supervisors once again, it is great to be before you thank you for what you do and we'll be talking about some of the things supervisor wiener has done a little bit later in the presentation i'm sure you're aware of the human right is responsible for administering all of non-discretion ordinances to the city and we develop and recommend policy to the board of supervisors and the mayor's office and to our commission adaptation other than human rights issues in addition, we're the only agency that is charged to zeal with disputes eir group tensions within the city itself the first slide you see - is since the the local business enterprise and the adequately benefits were transferred in
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nevada and 2013 we've settled down to be what it was designed for to address issues of non-discrimination to the city our organization is simple we have a non-discriminations policy and justice division performance measures a snapshot of what we do on non-discrimination marry in 2013-2014 we had 13 hundred plus inquires phones and walk in inquires about issues of alleged discrimination most are transferred to other city agencies or we recommended outside services for them to go to because they don't fall win our jurisdiction on the protected classes
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2014-2015 we're estimating one thousand a deposit drop of 3 hundred and total number of compliments between you wouldn't and hundred and filed settled between 25 and 10 the big differences we do mediation before the complaint and during the complaint process by doing that mediation most are successful we reduce the complaint process down to a much for rapid process which is going good for the city and client new complaints our biggest complaint is disability those are the protected clients a section orientation is race in the city and county of san francisco so exact date it in the area of housing his or her discrimination like elevators not repaired in an sro or other
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non-discrimination and those are unusual relatively easy to meet it requires some type of a repair fix that's our biggest complainant area next slide the policy and justification those are things we worked on this year we facility two advisors committees with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders is working an accident lgbt housing and health access and administrative reform they talk about man and woman and husband and wife and look at the changes and also fascinating with the adequately pay advisory board created by this board and
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fascinating that the outreach advocate an ordinance passed by supervisor kim a year ago lgbtq community needs assessment or violate preservation and supervisors are looking at the violence between the lvenlt community they're much higher and we're learning over thirty percent of the lgbtq don't trust the police to make a report even around violate crime we've found statistics and dpw policies to recommend to the board and the mayor as how to address those and the latin will fund those programs going forward an initiative process we've created
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a safe place for latins in the mission the money will be used for capacity building and talking about issues over discrimination most of council is trauma council the community we're fighting is more traumatized then we thought it might be and the council's we'll bring in are doing trauma kourm and we'll see that as a huge issue the posted 9-1-1 discrimination having to do with the population we want to thank some of the supervisors that attend our dismays we're looking important others venues in a couple of week we're looking for venues inside and outside like new york to get awe hold the exhibition
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human rights impact on the war of drugs we finally provides water a report violence against sex workers and anti-semistism is underway and the adequately pay and the anti discrimination housing policies that will we have supervisor wiener's project in l.a. county looking at the discrimination of lgbt seniors in long care facilities and i'll add the equal pay and non-sdriemgs policies were matter at hand as human rights with no funding so we've requested one additional person to manage those projects so far the mayor has refused one additional person we may come and ask the board to replace that those take quite a bit